Awesome Features of Administrative Management

Total Resources

Count of total resouces

Cuculation Notifications

Cuculation Notifications settings

Total Circulation

Count of total circulation


intimate to particular person through E-Mail

Sending Notification

Student / staff name and expected retun date sent by the Library

Mange Process
Users Details

Display all the user's details

User's Status

Particular User's edit and changing the status

Add User's
Add User's

add user's details and set the user's role

user's image

User's uploading images

Library Automation Software - Administrative Management

The Administrative management has the functions needed for the effective management of the Library services. The administrative management can be separated into two types of Administrator. One is Admin and other is Super Admin.

The Administrator in his Dashboard has the full view of the Total availability of the resources, Details of the circulation management, Fine amounts extracted. By going through such information it is easier decide the future course of action which can be prioritized into immediate, Mid term and Long term goals.

The Super Administrator even though has access to functions same as admin has a extra sophistication he can integrate Library Automation Software with any other databases so that they can be easier and more efficient in its function.

The Administrator can manage the Publisher Details, Supplier Details, Addition and Management of the Racks in the Library. The Admin also takes decision in the fixation of the fine details for the patron who fail to return, renew and damage the book during their borrowed time period

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Work Flow of Administrative Management

  • The Super admin can add the admin in the library management
  • The Administrator is given access to the various modules of the software
  • The Database of the stored Resources and he can make changes in the existing database to add and remove the information.
  • The admin can access the Publisher to take informed decisions about the published book its price, edition and availability.
  • The Admin has the supplier's details so that the supply of the resources to the library is streamlined.
  • The Admin can separate various subjects accordingly to the department designated racks.
  • The management of the racks is done by the admin. The availability of the books decides upon the No of racks and their addition and deletion decisions are taken accordingly.
  • The department category is chosen which say about the various department and the books available to them.
  • The various departments has various books available to them according to their subject matter and specifications.
  • The Issue settings says about the full details of the circulation of the available resource to the administrator.
  • The Newspaper and journals section where the decision has to be taken soon and their availability has ensured immediately is given a checklist where the dailies can be selected and they can be immediately made available in the respective sections.

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