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Library Automation Software - Circulation Management

The Circulation Module is used for the management of the Issue and the return management of the books to the Patrons of the Library. This Module is integrated with database and can retrieve the Data which can be more useful in the management of the circulation function. The Circulation Module can also be used for deriving the Statistical Details of the retriever's choice.

The High Priority books can be marked and their availability can be increased so that the resources available can be effectively used. The Circulation Module details can be very useful for the Procurement of the Journals and magazines, Books, CD's. This statistical details also can be used if the resources of the libraries are shared across various libraries.

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Work Flow of Circulation Management

  • The Circulation Management is used to do the function of the most important functions of the library management
  • The Patron's Details are entered. Name of the Patron is entered at the time of the registration.
  • The Patron is Given an Unique ID for easy retrieval of data
  • The ID is Barcoded and the ID Card is issued
  • When the Patron Borrows a Book .The Details of the book are entered from the integration of already created database
  • Date of the Book Borrowed is entered
  • Date Due is also calculated
  • Borrower Type is entered
  • Borrower Limit is decided according to the borrower type

There are Fields for tracking the necessary tracking of the borrower and such fields ensure the effective management of the circulation.

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