Awesome Features of Fine And Issue Management

Renewal and Fine
Renewal of resources

The information on the Renewal Display date.

Expected renewal date

Renewed book, Expected renewals dates are updated.

Return resources

Display details on the Expected return.

Library Automation Software - Fine And Issue Management

This module has necessary information of the renewal and return of the issued book and also has a predetermined calculation given to issue of fine if the date of the renewal or return is not on the proper date. The fine is based in the decision of the Library Administration. It also has information of the Status of the book's condition prior and after the issue. Through such inputs the damage if any done to the book can be assessed by the issuing authority who can fine the patron for the careless usage of shared resource.

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Work Flow of Fine And Issue Management

  • It has a field for the name of the borrowerM
  • ID created is entered then
  • Barcode details are filled up
  • Author/Title of the Book
  • Date Borrowed
  • Date Due
  • Borrower Type
  • Borrower Limit
  • Condition of the Book at the time of Issue
  • Condition of the Book at the time of Return
  • Damages Occurred
  • Fine Amount Imposed

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