Awesome Features of OPAC Management

Result View

Publishes Results According to the filters chosen


Retrival of Resource based on Conditions

Resources Report
Serach Report

Diplay the search report and based on result view

Library Automation Software - OPAC Management

It is the Database which contains the Online Catalog of the resources which are held by a library or group of libraries. These databases has the capabilities of search the resource through a clean and filtered search which can bring the refined search. The OPAC can also linked with the other databases so that the scope of the search is widened.

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Work Flow of OPAC Management

  • The Book name is given by the user in the field designted.
  • The Book's search can be filtered for very fine and refined search.
  • The Book's name, Rack No, Department Category, Barcode, Edition, Publisher's Details can be Inputed.
  • The Result's View has can also be Selected from the Book's Details Such as title, rack no, publisher, edition, department, Availability status etc.

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